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The Drone Film Company is today one of the best in remote-controlled aerial filming and photography in the UK under the CAA’s license. This is a legal requirement in the UK and Europe to undertake commercial aerial work using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Since 2008, the mission has been to offer you previously unseen aerial imagery, at an affordable cost to our customers, always producing for our clients the very best, going beyond their expectations while operating in total safety to capture incredible imagery.

Our custom-built Drone Cam makes us one of the leading providers of aerial filming. Incorporating the latest UAV technology and Gyro technology which ensures that the onboard video camera remains focused and level during flight, along with live link monitors meaning your shot is perfectly framed with great accuracy and creative understanding. Our drone can carry a heavy camera for you in Ultra High Definition (2160p)

We provide an extensive range of services from 4K Ultra High Definition (2160p) to standard high definition aerial footage for the film industry (1080p) to DSLR photography for property marketing and architectural surveys.

Our perfectionist approach to every job comes from a passion for our work and a desire to help our loyal clients, and this is why our customers keep coming back.

Our clients include the BBC, Channel 5, ITV, Interserve, Seven media, Pink Floyd, Birmingham City Council, Centrick Property, Prosperity Fund, HTF Media, Free Radio, and many others.

Didier is an Award Winner for Aerial Cinematography

Gadget show host Jon Bentley and Didier on location for aerial filming.
Award winner for Aerial Cinematography
RBS Award winner for Aerial Cinematography
Didier's big boy drone about to launch.
Didier’s big boy drone about to launch.

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Need Aerial stock footage of major UK cities?  https://didierjcsoulier.wixsite.com/aerialmoneyshot/uk-cities

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