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British Legion Poppy Appeal Video 2017

April 10 2018 No comment

We did the aerial filming for this project, produced by Stellar London (http://www.stellar.london/) for the Royal British Legion and I’m proud of what we achieved, enjoy the video here: In Flanders Fields Or with the voice over watch this version In Flanders Fields (with voice over) A lot of driving around, but the results are worth the hard work everyone put […]

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5 Tips on how to choose a drone operator.

August 17 2017 No comment

Essential 5 tips on how to get a UAV (drone) operator: Do they have Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) and are their pilots BNUC-S (Basic National UAS Certificate – Small UAV) certified?  Commercial Drone operators by law must be certified and approved by the CAA. Do they have insurance to operate […]

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Didier’s Drone Blog May 2016

May 15 2016 No comment

Summer is here finally, I have been enjoying the sunshine, and we have flown last week our drone for Channel 4 Dispatches Documentary about Birmingham, and we had loads of fun with Roger (director) and got some awesome aerial filming of the second city changing landscape. Watch out for the show to be aired in […]

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Didier’s Drone Blog April 2016

March 28 2016 No comment

First look at New DJI Phantom 4 and first flying cars, yes flying car, well sort of: Hello my Drone enthusiasts, we been busy flying and filming around again this month, but always I try to keep in touch with Aerial Filming Platforms and what’s going on up in the sky above you. Didier DJI […]

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Didier’s Drone Film Blog Feb 2016 part 2:

March 03 2016 No comment

Drones autonomously building a rope bridge. Aerial Filming UAV or drones does not always revolve around getting aerial imagery. Here we have another great purpose for drones, quite an exiting and promising prospect of what is to come in 2016. The video above shows aerial platform quadrocopters autonomously assembling a rope bridge. This is part […]

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Didier’s Drone Film Blog Feb 2016 part 1:

February 17 2016 No comment

Hey guys, I’m Didier Soulier, This month we introduce a new feature, the Killed in Action counter. Yep every time we take up in the air one of our Aerial Filming Platforms, we unfortunately sentence to death some innocent unaware tiny souls, such as small flies and mosquitos. We try to follow the European as […]

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Reaching out & helping our community with Aerial Drone Filming!

January 05 2016 No comment

In November we were approached to help free of charge with a music video to raises founds for Birmingham creative hub ‘Moseley Village Christmas Lights’. The filming took 3 days in total, ground filming, and we tried to push as much as possible the use of Aerial Filming to give the extra wow factor to […]

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Failure to comply with the UK regulations can result in prosecution

November 16 2015 No comment

The regulation of UAV usage in the UK is based on the following principles. These are a summary of a complex set of rules and should not be relied upon as a complete statement of the requirements. UAV regulations in the UK generally apply to machines weighing 20kg or less. Larger machines are subject to […]

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A Short History of Drones – By Didier Soulier

October 05 2015 No comment

What exactly is a drone? Some might say it is a tool to carry out surveillance and watch over a nation, others might say it’s an innovative gizmo for delivering products like amazon proposals. The United States military currently have more than 100, both armed and unarmed drones flying over a dozen countries. By 2018 […]

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