Meet The Team

Caroline Philips
Client Relation

Caroline is one of the world’s best Client Relationship person. She takes care of our lovely clients and helps with day to day running of the business. Whether it’s admin, client liaison, office organisation or just running the business behind the scenes, we would be lost without her. She loves swimming, talking about her cats, and being a good person.

Didier Soulier

Founded The Drone Film Company after gaining experience with ‘One Day In My Life’ video productions. Didier has BA (honor) in Media Production Studies at Derby University in 2007. He realised his passion was with aerial filming/photography and is now very happy in the drone film industry. He has achieved various awards for his approach to aerial filming and photography and has also been featured on a BBC TV documentary. He has now won 2 Award for Aerial Filming. (See Below Video). Didier is also a Podcast Host, Youtuber, Musician and love water sports, cycling, and hiking.