Silver AWARD Winner Didier Soulier as DOP with aerial filming in Partnership with Stellar London Agency.

HTF Media // Matrix Housing Partnership.

Birmingham City Council | Smithfield Development with Spark Media.

NEAC Stoneleigh with Spark Media.

2 bedroom apartment; The Mill with Prosperity.

Europarts Europe Biggest Warehouse Aerial Filming Indoor / Outdoor

Moseley Light Music Video

The Mill, Real Estate Aerial Filming

Business Birmingham – Best to Invest

Project in partnership with Invisible Artist, Onedayinmylife and The Drone Film Company.
Investment in Birmingham has never been so good.

The Library of Birmingham

Fly through video of Library of Birmingham created by Didier Soulier using a drone camera in partnership with for Francine Houben of Mecanoo Architects.

Carvers TV Ad 2015:

Project in partnership with Orion Media, Onedayinmylife and The Drone Film Company.
Editing – Orion Media
Aerial Filming – Onedayinmylife Productions

Old Swinford Hospital Campus Life Tour

Project in partnership with and The Drone Film Company. See the awesome aerial clips we provided.

Arundel Cottage

Promotional video for Arundel cottages and its beautiful surroundings.

2015 – Aerial Trailer.

Aerial show reel promotional video. & The Drone Film Company.

Victoria Mill, Derbyshire UK

Project in partnership with Prosperity fund uk. 66 one and two bed apartments within converted 18th century former lace mill.

Interserve UoB Sport 50m Pool construction process:

Project in partnership with Interserve UK and The Drone Film Company, Construction process on ongoing progress.

One Day in Symonds Yat:

Project in partnership with The Saracens Head Inn and Grapevine Guide UK.