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Aerial Filming Experts – Drone Film Company – Website from The Drone Film Company on Vimeo.

Aerial Filming Experts – Drone Film Company – Website from The Drone Film Company on Vimeo.


Thank you for visiting our website. I’m Didier Soulier (Director & UAV pilot), and I’m here to help you add incredible production values; imagine having professional aerial shots for your current project at an affordable price!

I have some fantastic news, see our great introductory rates as a welcome gift:

  • Stunning drone aerial photography from just £250
  • 4K Aerial Filming, ½ day £500 (from £650)

4kFantastic value and competitive rates isn’t?


Aerial Filming / Photography Platforms:

Types of DroneDrone Camera Specifications

Why choose us?

tickAerial permissions granted from the CAA – PFAW number 1169

tickBNUC-S Qualified Pilot – 0509-15-06-01

tick5 Millions Liability Insurance specific to Aerial Operations

tickUltra HD 4K resolution – 4000 x 3000 Pixels image quality

tickGyro-stabilised with full 360° 3-axis capabilities

tickGround station live video link for perfect framing every time

tickRisk assessments and safety procedures

tickSite survey for UK No fly zone

tickAir Traffic Control permission liaison (When close to airports)

tickSpecial CAA permission for Congested Areas


Get In touch today to discuss your need and requirements. Together we can reach new horizons.
Thank you for reading
Didier Soulier.

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UK NO-Fly Zone Map:
Want to see where the CAA demands special permission in UK No Fly zones? Check it out below:

London no fly zones

See website to see full UK No-fly zones map: http://noflydrones.co.uk/map-drone-no-fly-zones-uk/

Contact us:

London Office:

87 Charterhouse Street, Clerkenwell

Birmingham Office:

The Hawthorns
Woodbridge road,
B13 9DY

Email: info@thedronefilmcompany.com
Mobile: 0790 3966 148

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