2015 Aerial Showreel from the UK experts – the Drone Film Company from The Drone Film Company on Vimeo.

Thank you for visiting our website. I’m Didier Soulier (Director & UAV pilot), and I’m here to help you add incredible production values; imagine having professional aerial shots for your current project at an affordable price!

I have some fantastic news, see our great introductory rates as a welcome gift:

  • Aerial Professional Photography from £295. Introduction price (from £395).  Get 10 aerial Pictures in Ultra High Resolution (4000×3000 pixels), amaze your clients with never seen before point of view.
  • 2.7K Aerial Filming, ½ day rate now £495 (from £595). Sounds amazing right?

The value you can add to your next project through our beautiful aerial filming and photography would impress your clients and friends.

Standard Aerial Filming Rates:

  • Ultra 4K / day rate – 2 person crew, one flies, one operates camera – £1200.
  • Ultra 4K / half day rate – £900.
  • HD 2.7K / day rate: 1 person crew – £850.
  • HD 2.7K / half day rate – £595.

Both the above setups have live links on ground monitors, so you can see and call the shots yourself in real time.
Process involved:

  • Site survey for UK No fly zone,
  • Air Traffic Control permission liaison (When close to airports)
  • Special CAA permission for Congested Areas
  • Risk assessment for safe Flying Operation
  • Police reference number

Get In touch today to discuss your need and requirements. Together we can reach new horizons.
Thank you for reading
Didier Soulier.

Click here to download a PDF on operating drones by the Civil Aviation Authority.



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